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The clinical experience Suzanne bring spans from 1997 to the present. She is licensed in the State of Colorado in Clinical Social Work and also holds a Certificate in Couples and Family therapy from The Denver Family Institute.

Marriage and couples counseling has been her passion for a long time, and she has recently completed level one training of The Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT).

What People Are Saying:

“Suzanne is an expert in relationship therapies and devotes herself to teaching and mentoring graduate students in the field. I would highly recommend Suzanne to any couple or adoptive family seeking expert support in solving their problems now.”

“Suzanne is extremely experienced and knowledgable around adoption issues, marriage counseling, and family therapy. I trust her completely when referring clients to her. Her warmth and compassion is what makes her exceptional.”

“Whether you are looking to improve your relationship with yourself, your spouse or family members, or whether you’re learning to face difficult problems with more ease, Suzanne is a perfect fit. You’ll love working with her!”

Best Marriage Counseling in Greenwood Village

The phrase “marriage therapy” is one of the least welcomed in any setting, understandably so, because of all the implications that come with it. When the word gets out that a couple needs marriage counseling, it means that something is not right in paradise. Something went wrong on the way to happily ever after. Not only that, but it’s gotten so bad that they need professional help.

The truth is that majority of people do not seek professional help to save their marriages and relationships, and that those who do, often do so as a last resort. So It is important that one takes the time to pick out a marriage counselor who knows what they are doing!

Marriage therapy is a very vulnerable process so you are going to want to be very selective when choosing aMarriage Counseling in Greenwood Village marriage therapist because the future of your marriage, and possibly your family, hangs in the balance. The marriage therapist you choose, not only has to be good at what they do, they also have to inspire confidence in you and your partner.

So how does one pick out a good marriage counselor?

Here are some of the things to look at when selecting who you are going bare your soul to.

  • Don’t go straight for a someone with a PHD attached to his/her name. What the public is not aware of is that there are different types of therapists out there all related but, even more so, completely different. There are licensed psychologists, licensed professional counselor, licensed marriage and family therapists and clinical psychiatrists and so on and so forth. All of these are trained therapists and counselors, but only the counselor trained as a therapist in marriage and family can be of any help to you and your ailing relationship. There are too many relationships that failed because they did not understand this simple difference. If you can’t tell the difference right away, you can ask the therapist to elaborate on the percentage of his office that is devoted to couple’s therapy.
  • Choose a marriage counselor that uses evidence based methods:
    • While there are several methods being employed by therapists everywhere the approaches that you should expect in your marriage counselor should be evidence based or backed by science and research.
    • Two such methods you should look out for are Emotionally Focused Couple’s Therapy and The Gottman Method. Emotionally Focused Couple’s Therapy has as its focus, the restoration of loving bonds between two people. This approach helps you, as a couple, to get in touch with the loving feelings; it rebuilds trust and restores emotional intimacy between couples. It focuses on the very foundation of the relationship.
      The Gottman approach is different, and targets improved communication skills between couples. There are homework assignments involved and everything, aimed at teaching real life skills that are necessary to make every relationship works. It does not focus on the feelings as much as the Emotionally Focused Couple’s Therapy does. At the heart of this approach is the reasoning that with improved communication skills, couples will get to enjoy each other’s company more, and that will bring the intimacy and feelings flooding back by default.
      These are two scientific approach that you should keep an eye out for. A blend of both would be even better.
  • If you have no way of finding out the methods which your therapist uses, then at the very least, ask if he is a member of professional organizations focused on couple’s counseling. If he/she  is then you know he is the real deal, having been trained by other marriage counsellors.
  • The easiest way to find a great marriage counselor is by looking up their reviews

Having that said, now would be a great point to introduce you to the best marriage counseling Greenwood Village has to offer: Align Counseling Center, P.C.!

Why is this service the best marriage counseling in Greenwood Village?

First of all, the founder, Suzanne Smith is a licensed clinical worker with a certificate in Couples and Marriage Therapy from The Denver Family Institute. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough. She has clinical experience spanning from 1997, and has worked extensively with couples of every orientation.

Align also offers services in Eye Movement Decentralisation and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)-a very new and radical approach to the treatment of all sorts of trauma. In this way Align Counseling Center, P.C. has been able to help several families cope with the trauma and tragedy that result from loss, chronic illness, grief etc.

What makes Align of Colorado offer the best marriage counseling in Greenwood Village is the presence of the Physiobiological Approach to Couple’s Therapy (PACT). PACT, founded by Dr Stan Tatkin is based on three principles:

· Developmental neuroscience

· Attachment

· State of o awareness

Many couples who have gone through the PACT program have been able to re-prioritize their relationships, as they gained new perspectives and discovered options they had up till then left to fallow.

Phsycological Approach to Couples Therapy
EMDR Therapist
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