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The clinical experience Suzanne bring spans from 1997 to the present. She is licensed in the State of Colorado in Clinical Social Work and also holds a Certificate in Couples and Family therapy from The Denver Family Institute.

Marriage and couples counseling has been her passion for a long time, and she has recently completed level one training of The Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT).

What People Are Saying:

“Suzanne is an expert in relationship therapies and devotes herself to teaching and mentoring graduate students in the field. I would highly recommend Suzanne to any couple or adoptive family seeking expert support in solving their problems now.”

“Suzanne is extremely experienced and knowledgable around adoption issues, marriage counseling, and family therapy. I trust her completely when referring clients to her. Her warmth and compassion is what makes her exceptional.”

“Whether you are looking to improve your relationship with yourself, your spouse or family members, or whether you’re learning to face difficult problems with more ease, Suzanne is a perfect fit. You’ll love working with her!”

Thoughts on Couples and Marriage Counseling

Like everything else, intimate relationships and marriage undergo normal wear and tear. It’s not unusual for couples to feel strong emotions such as loneliness, mistrust, resentment, sadness and anger during the course of their relationship.

If you are experiencing this or anything else of concern to you in your partnership or marriage, you are not alone. Like you, many other couples experience challenges in their relationships. That said, please keep in mind that it does not have to stay this way. It can be different.

Intimate relationships can be very difficult, complex and challenging to sustain over time. They often take on an identity of their own separate from the identity of both partners and managing that often requires outside support. This is where I can help.

Oftentimes, we leave out the most important ingredient for any marriage or relationship survival- the tools to manage challenges which inevitably happen. I can help you to establish new ways of relating to one another in order to significantly improve the quality of your relationship.

At what point should you bring in a professional in to help with your marriage or relationship? Here are a few common reasons couples may wish to seek couples or marriage counseling:

Marriage Counseling can help the following situations:

    1. Mistrust and Infidelity: Contemplating or having an affair (whether physical or emotional) can be a sign of a deeper problem in the relationship. This is where a couples and marriage counselor might ask the following questions. Are partners being kind to one another? Are they both equally tending to the needs of the other and the relationship? Are they tuned in to one another? Are one or both partners bored, overwhelmed or resentful? Is one partner carrying the majority of the relationship? Is one partner preoccupied with his or her individual needs?

      It is important to tackle this sooner with couples and marriage counseling to prevent more serious trust problems from occurring. Remember that the relationship does not have to be broken in order to seek help. Couples and marriage counseling can also enhance and reinforce what is already working.

    2. Frequent arguing or negative communication: Negative communication can occur in many forms- both verbal and nonverbal. It includes any communication that leaves either of the partner feeling judged, disregarded, shamed, insecure or feeling the need to withdraw from the conversation.

      Any signs of negative communication are an indicator that couples or marriage therapy might help to prevent things from escalating or permanently damaging the relationship.

    3. When you are afraid to talk: Good communication is paramount to a successful relationship. When avoidance rules or it is too bothersome to bring up things that are important and need to be talked about, then it is probably a good time to bring in a couples or marriage counselor.

      Communication can include anything, including sex, money, life dreams, differences in child rearing, or even minor annoyances. Remember, talking with a professional about seemingly difficult subject matter now can help prevent problems from becoming bigger and less manageable in the future.

    4. Reduced or lost physical attraction: Sex sometimes serves as a barometer for how couples perceive the quality of the relationship to be. While it is normal for sex to taper off a little after being together for a while, being romantic and physically loving should continue to be fun, fulfilling and desired.

      If a significant change in intimacy has occurred which is upsetting for one or both partners, it is time to seek support. Counseling can help couples to uncover what might leading to this change and how to recover physical affection.

    5. When the relationship becomes secondary to everything else: Children, careers, hobbies, friends, in-laws and money are just a few of the usual suspects that can lead to the love relationship being put on the back burner.

      Life is often busy and overwhelming. Prioritizing the love relationship is very important and requires intention and attention. If one or both partners feel secondary, couples and marriage counseling can help partners to recommit to doing things for the greater good of the relationship.

If things seem to be amiss in your relationship, please do not hesitate to seek a marriage and couples counseling in the area that you live. Now is the time to feel better. Now is the time to build and reclaim the relationship you deserve.

Don’t wait another moment. Please call or text me at (303) 475-2757, email me  to schedule your 20 minute no charge consultation.

My service areas are: Centennial, Parker, Greenwood Village, Englewood, Lone Tree, Foxfield, Aurora and Denver Tech Center (DTC)

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