Couples Retreats: When one Hour Just Doesn’t Cut it

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When seeking help with their relationship, many couples want to hit the ground running. However, some relationships need a deeper dive than a single session – or multiple single sessions – can deliver. Couples’ retreats offer an intensive amount of time to really concentrate on the matters at hand by giving couples the necessary time and focused attention on the concerns in the relationship.

Couples’ retreats are specifically designed to fully address a couple’s concerns, all the while giving an expanded and intimate session to make sure concerns get covered more comprehensively. While there is a definite benefit to regular therapy sessions, retreats deliver a deeper dive when tackling issues between couples.

Benefits of Couples Retreats

There are a multitude of benefits of couples’ retreats. Retreats offer a proactive way to help to prevent problems down the line. There is evidence that front ending couple’s therapy with a longer initial session is more likely to set couples up for a successful outcome. This approach can also be good for mending relationships that are on the brink of dissolving as it gives the time and space to unpack often complex issues.

Couples’ retreats can also benefit those who are preparing for marriage or formal commitment. A retreat delivers a proactive approach that gives the couples insight as well as practical skills for improved communication that can be sustained.

Retreats are also particularly helpful for those with busy lifestyles. If weekly schedules are too hectic to fit in regular hourly sessions, couples’ retreats can create a getaway to focus on the relationship’s issues without feeling rushed. The extended time on retreats can also allow the therapist to deliver more resources to the couple and allow couples in turn, to communicate with one another in a safe space.

If couples live in Colorado, but do not live in the Denver Metro area, retreats can also be beneficial. The retreats offered at Align Counseling Center can also be done in person or remotely according to convenience and preference.

When a Couples Retreat Might Not Be a Good Fit

While couples’ retreats are a great option for many couples, they might not be ideal for some couples. This can be an expensive option, and those with financial constraints might be better served keeping the sessions spaced out more evenly.

Retreats may also not an ideal option for couples who are not ready to just jump right in. Some couples that seek help are unsure if therapy is for them. In these situations, it might be more prudent to test the waters with shorter sessions before diving into the intensity and commitment of a couples’ retreat.

Please keep in mind that for many a couple’s retreat very likely be all that is needed for sustained success. Ongoing therapy sessions may be necessary after the couples retreat to continue the learning, accountability, trouble shooting and growing process. Ongoing sessions help to reinforce skills that can be practiced and continued over time. For an optimal success, retreats are best when done in conjunction with ongoing sessions.

What to Expect from a Couples Retreat

At Align Counseling Center, a couple’s retreat includes six full hours (currently offered on Fridays) to address the most important issues affecting your relationship. Couples will receive access to the John Gottman Relationship Checkup Assessment – which will help to uncover the strongest aspects of your relationship, as well as potential problem areas. Suggestions on how to improve the problem areas, as well as celebrate the positive aspects of your relationship will be offered from this assessment. And the cost of the assessment is included in the price for retreat participants.

Following the retreat, the learning and application of these techniques does not stop. Couples will also receive a resource binder with a variety of educational materials and exercises to ensure continued strengthening of the relationship when you return home.

Relationships are hard- especially when lines of communication feel broken, and resentment has mounted. Much can come out of taking a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of your relationship. Couples’ retreats offer the time and space many couples need to unpack what is on their minds and hearts, finding the road to repair and creating the relationship they desire.

For more information on couples’ retreats and how they might benefit your relationship, reach out to Align Counseling Center today!

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