Overlooking your intimate attachment? Three ways to reprioritize your special someone

intimate attachment centennial Couples Therapy couples counseling marriage therapy marriage counselingI remember when my husband and I were in the thick of raising small children, attending graduate school at the same time, changing or developing careers simultaneously and moving to our forever home.

Life was stressful. There was not much time or money for fun. We were frazzled. Putting most of our energy into child raising and keeping our heads above water, our intimate relationship took a back seat. Read more

The Gift of Imperfect Parenting

adoption Denver Centennial couples therapy couples counseling individual therapy individual counseling Adoptive and foster parentingAnd the best parent award goes to…

A beautifully woven tapestry begins with a vision and intention. In the mind’s eye, contrasting hues of complementary yet interconnected warps and wefts brilliantly display in unison. Voila! A masterpiece of color dazzles the anticipating mind. Read more