Mother and Child, Adoption DenverParenting adopted children frequently comes with a unique set of challenges. Often I see parents who are experiencing attachment difficulties with their children, and they feel like they are failing in their attempts to provide the supportive and loving home they had envisioned.

If you are struggling with melt downs, sleep difficulties, physical aggression, over-compliance or giving in to the wishes of others easily, acting out, fearfulness, running away, cutting or other concerning behaviors in your adopted child or children, please don’t give up! Help is available.

The ability of people with complicated histories and attachment difficulties to heal, including adopted children, is tremendous. I have seen this firsthand in adoptive families with whom I have been honored to work through the years.

You can get through this, and I am here to help you with specialized support if feel like you are at your wits end.

At Align Counseling of Colorado, I offer a highly studied and valid approach called Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI). TBRI helps parents who have adopted children from hard places or children who have disrupted placement or placements make the transition, adjustment, integration and attachment process go more smoothly post adoption.

TBRI helps to empower adoptive parents to tune in emotionally to their children (which takes practice) and to create an environment which makes their children feel as safe physically and emotionally as possible.

Please know that I will also provide you as the parent with a safe, validating and collaborative environment in which you can freely express your concerns. Allow TBRI and me to be in your corner!

Attachment is fluid, continuous and never-ending. New evidence proves that attachment occurs well beyond the first year of life and bridges across the entire course of the lifespan.

What makes attachment so beautiful is that it is never a snapshot in time.  It is never too late and it is never hopeless!

Hang in there with your kiddo. There might be historical events in which you may not be aware. He or she may have experienced grief, loss and possible trauma prior to coming into your home. I am here to provide you with the specialized service you may need if the struggle becomes overwhelming.

Feel free to take a look at the video just below called, “Tips for securing attachment with your adopted child” or read the posts about parenting adopted children under the blog section of this website.

If you need support around any challenges you may be encountering with your adopted child or children, don’t wait hoping that things will improve.

There is hope and there is help!

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Read my blog posts on parenting adopted children.

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