Strong romantic partnerships can bring tremendous comfort, security and well-being. They also require a lot of work, which can be challenging for couples.

Often we get so caught up in the routine of everyday life that we as a couple suffer. When this happens, we frequently overlook the fact that our intimate relationships need just as much care and attention as do the other important areas in our lives.

It is easy to put romance and connection on the back burner in the name of children, jobs, stress and being too tired. However, that is the last thing couples should do!

When couples prioritize their relationship above all else, beautiful things can happen. Wrong doings can be repaired, resentment can fade, and anger and hurt can melt away.

When couples make each partner’s well-being the primary focus, the relationship can be built back up and become stronger than it has ever been.

When couples hold their relationship in the highest regard, it genuinely evolves from an us against each other mentality, to an us against the world mentality! Does this sound appealing and powerful?!

At Align Counseling of Colorado, I can help you to re-prioritize your relationship, as in our work together, your relationship will be a priority for me. I can assure you, I will be the last person in the room to give up on your relationship!

Through the filter of emotional safety, I encourage couples to speak openly to one another, to actively listen to what the other is saying, and to entertain the idea that the greater good of the relationship can align with the greater good of both individual partners.

I gladly work with couples of any age, married or not, and of any sexual orientation.

Decide to put your relationship on the front burner!

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