Managing stress in the face of a Pandemic by Fiona Cochran

Currently, we are facing new challenges in the wake of COVID-19 (AKA The Novel Coronavirus). Being informed that COVID-19 is now a pandemic there is the real potential for increases stress and anxiety in all people. Stress and anxiety can impact behavior and cognitive abilities. As we’ve seen, stores are out of stock of multiple items, schools and events are being cancelled and there is fear that all people will need to be quarantined for an unknown amount time. 

As a therapist, I have seen many clients struggling with managing their anxiety and stress during this time. I’ve created a list of possible self-management tools to help if you or someone you know is feeling an overwhelming sense of stress or anxiety during this time.

Self-Management Tools:

  1. Deep breathing 
  2. Engaging in healthy self-care activities i.e. listen to music 
  3. Exercise
  4. Utilize positive self-talk
  5. Acknowledge that there are things out of your control
  6. Seek our social connection via phone, text or email
  7. Follow the CDC guidelines for remaining safe in your workplace, home and school;

Please know that at Align Counseling we are taking every precaution during this time of social distancing to ensure your safety and comfort by conducting all of our sessions on a HIPAA compliant platform.

If you are struggling with managing your stress or anxiety during this time, please reach out to your social supports. Speak to them by phone, have a video conversation or a remote meal together. Go outside your front or back door, take a deep breath and feel the sun on your face while you chat with your loved one. These are among many options to remain connected to others during this time and connection is vital in working through the impact that this pandemic is having on our world. 

At Align Counseling, we will continue to remain here for you. If you feel that anxiety and stress are getting the best of you, please contact us via phone call, text or email. We are here to help. By remaining connected, we will get through this time together.

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